Sunday, March 30, 2008

I was so totally a child of the 80's.

For those of you about to turn is a walk down memory lane.

I loved loved loved Rainbow Brite. I had the doll...and I think my fourth b-day party was R.B. Ahhhh...the memories.

I loved to watch Zoobilee Zoo when I was small. I specifically remember having the flu in Kindergarten and watching this at home.

Who could resist these cuddly and cute Wuzzles? Everyone loves a Bumbleroo.

Didn't everyone have some action figures with the Thundercats???

Ah...the Snorks. Or Snorkels.

The Shirt Tales was like my very very very favorite show. I loved it.

I confess. I TOTALLY wanted to be She-Ra. Totally.

I'm pretty sure this came on right after Shirt Tales. The Raccoons.

Gummi Bears. I think I had a puzzle too.

Neal was making fun of this show. It's called The Get Along Gang. And I think people now talk about how bad it was for kids, because it taught them to go with the crowd. Whatever...I totally loved it. And it only aired for one season.

And don't forget Pound Puppies, Punky Brewster, and JEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture uploader thingy quit working for me...but I totally have a picture of JEM on my computer now. :)

Ah...loved the 80's.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

a confession

Before I was a mom...I would look at other kids...and think...

"My kid will never do THAT."
"I will never parent like THAT."
"I will never struggle in this area."

and more specifically...

"My kid will NEVER be late to school."

Well...I confess that the following facts have left me struggling to get it together. To um...keep my cheese on my cracker. :)

Bootie-whipping facts:

1. A house without a mom/wife is not the same a house with one. I am paying for my travels.

2. Sick kids make everything hard. Behavior, cleaning, parenting. All of it.

3. The clock at Addy's school is five minutes fast. Not fast from where I set my clocks at home...but fast from my cell phone clock...which is set by a tower...which I think is probably set by some national atomic clock. So...her schools clock is really off. I know I should have accepted this fact by is March. But I am only now accepting it. And now have a convinced Neal this is true.

4. Five minutes is ALOT when you are driving 9 miles to the next town for school...and then drive through 2 school zones when you get there.

5. The school lunch program has made some policy changes the outcome of "Pete's Pak." Pete's Pak is a sack lunch alternative to the hot lunch. Addy loves to get this when she doesn't want "Beef Noodleroni"...of whatever lovely item the hot lunch might be. A lunch total for hot lunch vs. pete's pak is now taken in the first few minutes of the school day...and if you miss that don't get a Pete's Pak...which means you have to eat the hot lunch. (Remember...spring break just ended and Addy missed the first two days of this week.) I don't think the school notified parents of the new method for P.P.

And tell that to the big kids who take the P.P. even if they didn't order it! FOR THE LOVE!

And I think that the tally gets taken as the kids come in the room...not actually after the bell has rung. But whatever.

6. Can you imagine the drama of the day when Addy may or may not have (I really don't think we were late! I was supposed to meet my mom that morning at 8...and I did!) not been there for the newly crucial lunch tally on Thursday? I heard about it after school...and just figured it was a mistake...not realizing the new policy. I think before they just made a bunch of P.P's.

7. Addy cried the entire 9 miles to school on Friday afraid we weren't going to make it in time to get her P.P. request in.

8. I had to drag her into school. I had to talk to her teacher with a puffy-red-eyed sniffling girl next to me. Her teacher was pretty nice...but I think was blaming ME for not getting her there on time that day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

March kicked my bootie...and I'm really struggling. I'm not looking forward to Monday...where I have to pretend that school starts at 7:50 to make sure we are there on time. That's silly. And then...if you are picking up my kid...make sure to arrive at 3:10...not 3:15 like it states in the handbook.

I'm grumpy and I need an attitude adjustment. Sigh...I'm working on it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I learned in California

"That was FUN!" --said by a little girl next to us while I was waiting in the KC airport to head to California. She had just gone through security and was putting on her shoes. I thought, "Me too." I love love love the airport and flying and the lines and the waiting and the layovers and the whole process. I had the biggest dopiest grin on my face while we were standing in the big line to check our baggage. Sally just rolled her eyes at me.

Anyway...reduced to are some things are learned on my trip.

1. If a magic genie offered me the chance to trade Neal, Addy, and Ellie for a huge beautiful house by the beach with a rich husband...not in a million years would that ever be worth it. Sometimes...the Jones have hard lives. I love my tiny townhouse with my precious family. I am so thankful for Neal.

2. Sally has these amazing friends. Almost all of them have taken a skill...and found a super creative way to use it to bless others. This is something I am missing in my life...and am really mulling over the experience of Sally's baby shower in my mind. How cool to be able to grace someone else. Even the mom with 3 kids was dying her own onsies. Amazing. And for the love...I need a Natasha bag.

3. And on that note...there is nothing like friendship. It enriches life when you share it with others. I knew this...but it doesn't hurt to be reminded.

4. I learned that TIME OUT from the daily grind is soooooooo important. Jill told me I would come back 1000 percent. I did. I'm probably down to about 300 percent now that I have been smacked upside the head with my families illnesses. But still...I don't feel totally drained...and I don't mind doing things for my family. The reserve tank needs some attention some know?

5. I love to read. I knew this of course...but I was reminded. If I had a spare moment...I found a quiet place and read. I need to try harder to read at home.

6. Up until we moved to our townhouse...I really worked hard at putting my "stamp" on our home. I haven't tried so hard here. The girls homes I saw in California were beautiful and fun...and works in progress. I forgot how fun it is to work on your home.

7. It does NO ONE any good to get stressed out about a schedule. Does it Sally? If you are are late. Enjoy the people you are with...enjoy the sun...enjoy the journey. Relax...mostly no one even notices when you get somewhere late. It isn't worth the stress.

8. Mommy-hood is so fun. I really needed a break...and I enjoyed every single moment...but I was also reminded watching all the mommies around me how much I love to be a mommy. It's the best thing ever.

9. I fell in love with Spring. Normally...I could take it or leave it. I really enjoy snow, cold, fall, ect. Eh...spring. But it was so fun to see Spring start early and enjoy the sun and outside. And just the idea of going barefoot and standing in your front door enjoying the breeze...its just nice.

10. I am small. I forget. I forget how small I am...and how big the world is...and how much world there is. I forget how big really big cities are...and how many people there are. That means that really really really really big. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

visions of Easter

...lovely colored eggs
...beautiful girls in lovely swirly dresses
...children clustered around a calm and sweet mother reminding them of the story of Jesus
...treat filled Easter baskets
...a lovely table filled with many Easter goodies

...and Jayme comes crashing back down to Earth. Not that didn't have a fabulous Easter lunch...cause I did...but also a lot of drama.

Ellie is sooooooooo sick. I had to pry her out of bed to see her Easter basket...which she didn't care at all about...and I couldn't even convince her to eat candy. She was crying loudly about a headache when she threw up all over her Easter Dress. Which left me scrambling to clean up barf (there goes the calm and sweet mother). So Neal (who has bronchitis) and Ellie stayed home from church that morning. Addy and I went to church. Addy however had on shoes that were stiff and didn't fit so she was walking like a goose and is still telling me how embarrassing it was.

But lunch was really good. Better luck next year. :)

(We went to the dr. today and got antibiotics alllll around except me...I seem to be the healthy one.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

and...I'm gone again.

This week is spring break for us...and so my little family is heading off to Dodge City. Not as exotic as Cali...but there are people there who I love very its almost as exciting.

I'm not done talking about my Cali trip and Stuck in the Middle...whew...I'm behind.

Don't give up on me...I'll resume my regular posts soon. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elvis LIVES!

This is a picture of my two favorite elements in Sally's parents world. First, they have this awesome new mantle. They have re-done their house getting ready for it to sell. The new fun mantle is white -- the walls are yellow -- and the black and red candles (which are behind us and you just have to imagine) are just awesome. And then ........ hello .......... Elvis is NOT dead. He lives in Bakersfield. Aren't we fun together? Elvis is so fun. See our hats and his scarf!!!!!! Rock on!

10 Things I am LOVING about California

1. The Beach. Enough said.

2. The vegetation here. Orange trees, eucalyptus trees, olive trees, almond trees, grape vines, carrots, lemon trees, and all other strange and wonderful trees and plants that grow everywhere.

3. Stucco. If I could -- I would have a stucco house. I think its beautiful. However, stucco does not work in Kansas. Apparently Sally was also sad when learning of this truth.

4. Jamba Juice. Enough said.

5. The mountains. The beach AND the mountains. It's like a fairy land.

6. Dewars. It's a candy and ice cream soda place. It is the best food I have had here so far. I had a red and white. Vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries...topped with strawberry ice cream topped with marshmallow. Oh wow.

7. No one really has screen doors here. They just open the front door and stand in the doorway in bare feet enjoying the lovely lovely lovely warm spring breeze and sun streaming in. Isn't that screen doors!!!!

8. No wind. This means when the sun shines...its nice and comfy warm outside. The freezing jarring wind of Kansas doesn't blow away the warm. I totally sat outside and had lunch in a courtyard on a partly sunny day and it was nice. I didn't have to hold my food down, and wasn't freezing from the wind.

9. This is something I'm sure that just applies to Bakersfield...but its soooo easy to navigate the town. There are lots of wide roads to go east/west and north/south with fewer stoplights...unlike Wichita where you about 3 highways to use (which are always under construction) and the east/west streets are toooo small and crowded and the downtown area is well as the east side. It gets all curvy and crazy around Raytheon.

10. It never storms badly here. Now...I would miss the big thunderstorms of the prairie but ... there are no damaging storms here. That's nice. Especially nice for the owner of the 5 million dollar home on the coast.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In N Out Burger

Here I am eating at one of Sally's fave places in Cali. I have to admit it was sooo good. And as you can see I lost another 2 inches off my hair on this trip. That makes 8. I love it feels good. We are having a great time. I do not understand why the California people are all flocking to Kansas. I miss my girlies though. But it is nice to only have to worry about me. Although I don't know what to do with myself almost.

You'll notice I have on a short sleeve shirt. I got HOT sitting there outside and I was a little worried about getting a sunburn. Not to brag or anything.

written in the sand

oh I love the bunny...the bunny...

Wish they all could be California Girls!

Here is me loving on the ocean beach in Los Angeles. Woo-hooo!!!!

Me and Sally!

Monday, March 10, 2008

where oh where am I going?

to California. For 6 days. I'll blog about THAT later too. Bring on the sun!!!

where oh where have I been?

I've been Stuck in the Middle. I spent 3 whole days being an office manager for this awesome event. And I learned one thing.

I LOVE the feel of a cold-plastic-freshly charged-walkie talkie. I've never gotten to play with a real one before. It was awesome.

I promise to blog allll about it later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A and E Home Theater Productions

The big Stuck in the Middle Event is coming up this next week. I have been a little busy getting ready for the big event. Nothing compared to what Jill and Sean have been doing, but I try to help as much I can when I think I have something to offer. I have been spending extra time at the Stuck Office...and less time at home this past week.

So tonight, it was special love on the fam time. We had just gotten some netflix movies I thought we would be able to watch as a family...but we often watch movies togther. So I thought we could make it more special by creating the "A & E Home Theater."

Addy and I worked up a sign for the front door for Papa to see when he got home from work.

Now Showing:
A Double Feature
Admission: $2.00

This meant of course we had to make a bunch of our own paper pretend money. Ellie helped me stick foam stickers on paper rectangles. We had 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6 dollar bills.

We made a "Ticket Booth," complete with A&E movie tickets for "screen one" (we only have one tv). Addy worked the ticket booth. She wore a princess crown and a pocketed apron to collect the dollars.

We also set a up a concession area. There was a fun sign that which had precious little pictures of everything offered at the stand.

Homemade Whole Wheat Soft Pretzles with Cheese: $5
Multi-Grain Chips with Cheese: $1
Natural Popcorn with Butter: $6
Drinks: $3
Candy (twizzlers, milkduds, junior mints, and reeses pieces): $1 a box

Can you tell who did the pricing? I got to run the stand. And I was a stickler for correct change and repeat visits to the stand. :) The nachos and pretzles were even served in the little red baskets you might get at a burger joint with mini cups for cheese.

Addy thought this was so fun. Even though she got bored with the movie and we only saw a small part of the double feature. Before Neal made it home she keep yelling..."PLACES! PLACES EVERYONE!"

On the downside...I feel kinda yucky for eating so much cheese and sugar...can't wait to get my healthy eating back on track. I had one too many twizzlers. :)

tip for Sally


Hey...this is the goop I would have given my right arm for the first time Addy had a bad diaper rash and I didn't know about it yet. I know all the hype about the butt paste...but seriously...I'd get this too. It's really the ONLY thing I found that didn't sting -- (I thought at first Addy was crying just from me having to touch her to put it on...but nope...that creamy stuff burns) and when its really really really bad or fire engine red...this is what you need. It MUST be the ointment...all yellow and stinky...and not the nice smooth cream. The ointment.

Just think about how when you have a sore nose from blowing it and its all dry and ouchy and if you put lotion...even a super mild lotion on burns? And then you end up using vasoline or something like Eucerin? Skin that irritated need special stuff. Get the A & D. All the good mom's do. Just kidding. :)

the #`1 worst way I have ever been woken up

My phone rings on Sat morning before I am awake. It's Saturday and so I am still lounging in bed.

My phone is on the bathroom counter. I hear it ring. It is on High AND vibrate. I then hear it vibrate off the counter and into....the toilet.

My first act of the my phone out of the pee filled toilet. :)

That went over real well with Neal. One giant fight later and I am the proud owner of a new phone with that cool camera feature but no contact list.

fun times.