Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well. I've spent a lot of time this month thinking about the blessing I have, the blessing I don't have, the blessings I am afraid to lose, and the blessing I'm not afraid to lose. I have thought about the blessings I have and don't have by choice...and by randomness.

This year has been rough. I hear people say allll the time: "These are difficult times." Hmmm. True. Still...I have a lot to be thankful for.

Just a smattering:

-baskets of clean dry folded laundry
-sunny afternoons
-my cozy little house (while neither grand nor big...its precious to me)
-all the nice working appliances in my home
-my furniture
-2 paid for running cars
-no accidents or major illness while in between insurances
-all the times I have gone to buy food...and done so one way or another
-fabulous schools and teachers for both my children
-all the extras above survival
-coat and shoes
-a portable dvd player
-our computer
-my girls super fun bunk beds
-the fact that even though Neal's job frustrates me and isn't doing what it need to do...he still has it...unlike so many other families
-My precious parents and family
-My precious friends

I am blessed. And thankful. And ready to move beyond weighing blessings against not blessing to a season that is merry and bright. (Well...except that Ellie threw up this morning...and while my Christmas tree is up...we are feeling neither merry or bright...and the car she threw up in CERTAINLY is NOT smelling merry.)

Neal made dressing:

I made 7 layer Jello Salad:

Ladd (my step brother) carving one of the two turkeys we devoured:

The men of course:

The moms put together a pinata -- and had the kids line up:

However, the pinata only made it through 3 kids:

We also did stockings for all these kiddos:

It was a fun weekend. Of course, there was drama here and there...but overall...a good time.