Friday, November 16, 2007

sick day--no---sick week

You never see it coming. least I never see it coming. And I try...every once in awhile I stop and think what would be the biggest problem if my kids were sick today. No chicken noodle soup...ok...pick it up on the next trip to the store. Laundry backed up??? Do a few extra loads. But I never have just been thinking about it when they actually up and throw up on me.

And we'd just been to the doctor? Yes. Remember the ear wax thing?

So when on Monday night Ellie came down with a fever...I didn't even blink. No...she's not hot...its just hot in here. Tuesday...very sick Ellie. She only walked to me out of bed...and to go the bathroom. The rest of the time she was curled up on some blankets in front of the TV. And most of that time asleep. If you know Ellie at know she is a firecracker...and hardly is ever still. She was sick.

Wednesday when I picked up Addy from school...her teacher met me at the door to tell me she thought Addy wasn't feeling so well and that she really wilted.

Addy came down with the same yucky fever virus and spent the rest of the evening still and went to bed really early. I planned to keep her home on Thursday so that she wouldnt give any germs to any other kids.

So Thursday during lunch...chicken nuggets and a movie...I have both kids...and Ellie starts throwing up. She threw up 5 times--I felt so bad for her. She spent Thursday alternating between throwing up and sleeping.

I just knew Addy would get it today. Or wake up in the night covered in puke. I slept on the bottom bunk under her...and sickie Ellie spent the night in our room on the couch. Mind you...Neal took a sick day yesterday because he isn't feeling too good either. He said he was trying to talk to someone at work about a "Chevy" and it came out "-hitty." He came home after that.

So far so good with Addy...she seems ok. I'm quesy...but cleaning up after someone else who has been urping always makes me a little urpish too.

I need to catch up on laundry it case round 2 rears it ugly head.

At least this happened this week instead of next week. Nobody like a sickie over the holidays.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lightning Reaction

My husband is caring, compassionate, funny, kind, brilliant...usually. The most upset I have ever been at him is for losing his wedding ring.

The next amount of upset occurred about 9:30 last night.

My husband has a evil side. Ever heard of a little "game" called "Lightning Reaction?" Also evil.

Neal has been saying...hey...our friend has this really really awesome game I want to play with you. Last night he decided to go find it to play with me. If I wasn't so crazy about our friends the Meade's...I would hate him.

So...Neal found it last night and brought it over to "play" with me.

Neal: Here, Jayme, (all innocent) take this handle and when the light in the middle flashes green...push this button. Try to beat me.
Jayme: (thinking it was a fun game like that game where the lights flash and you hit the speed pattern game) Ok.

What happened next will shock you. me. Because if you don't hit your button first when the evil little red light turns get SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!


I yelled and hit and kicked at Neal for being such a scum bag to his lovely wife and busted outside...where I ran into my neighbor...who had seen Neal carry it in.

Amy: Oh...did you get shocked?
Jayme: Yes!!!! The big jerk shocked me. He didn't tell me what kind of a "game" we were playing.
Amy: brother has one of those. Hurts huh? *Then she cracks up*

Neal came outside giggling to apologize. (yeah right)
Neal: I'm sorry....I've never seen such a violent reaction...I thought you would think it was funny.
Jayme: Jerk-WAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hand hurt the rest of the evening...and since Neal and I have had many many many conversations like this.

Jayme: *glaring*
Neal: Honey...I'm really sorry. I played it with lots of people at the Youth Specialties conference...everyone thought it was funny.
Jayme: Did you play with girls?
Neal: YES...they thought it was funny.
Jayme: Well...then they are all crazy.
Neal: I didn't think it would hurt you.
Jayme: You don't know me at all.
Neal: taste in music, movies, and no sense of humor. Got it.

Crazy evil little contraption. My friend Sean is planning on taking it to the big Stuck in the Middle event... think he is crazy.

Neal wants to take it to work to use for a group/team building experience. I also think he is crazy.

Must be a man thing.

Jayme: Neal...would Jesus use that contraption?
Neal: *snorting into his coke* That's a non-point since the technology we have today...
Jayme: Shut-up...don't cop out.
Neal: Well..........he probably would tell people before he played it with them.
Jayme: Whatever.
Neal: Well...Jesus had a sense of humor unlike other people at this table.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A take-out story

Neal loves that Christmas movie called...A Christmas Story. We both love it really...and have a lot of it memorized. Its a bunch of silliness...but we love it.

The Parker family has to have Christmas dinner in a little Chinese diner because some dogs ran right through and ate the turkey and made a disastrous mess. There is a part where the cooks and waiters are trying their level best to make the Parker family feel jolly even though their holiday has been ruined. They line up by the Parker's table to sing them a carol. They give their best shot at "Deck the Halls." Only with their accents it comes out...fa ra ra ra ra...instead of fa la la la la. And jolly...becomes...jorry.

Neal always refers to fried rice as "flied lice."

Just a joke...between us usually...until today.

Neal: (on the phone) -- yeah...I'd like to make a to-go order. I need one sweet and sour chicken...and one...beef and blocorri.
Me: (snickering) blocorri??????
Neal: (snickering under his breath trying not to laugh) yes...and one with white R-ice...and one with FR-ied R-ice. ok thanks...bye.
Me: (laughing out loud) blocorriiiii??????
Neal: hush...that joke is going to get me in trouble. I hope she just thinks she mis-heard me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

it's never good when the doctor goes..."eeeeew."

I took Ellie to the doctor today. I suspected she had an ear infection. She has been really really congested lately...and woke up from her nap digging around in her ear...on a Friday afternoon. I called the doctor and begged them to take us before the weekend hit.

On the way there she dumped most of chocolate shake on herself...but that is another story.

The doctor of course asked if she had a many ear infections she has had...blah blah. Then she went to check out her ears. 1st one...good. 2nd one...well..."hmm...I can't really see in her ear." She asked me to hold her ear back while she got this loopy tool thing and very carefully stuck it in her ear to get the wax out of the way. She didn't really get any out...but decided maybe she moved it around enough to see. After a second try with no visibility, she stuck back in the loopy tool and then pulled out a gooey strand of wax as long as my index finger.

Me: Oh my word!
Doctor: Oh my ... well ... I didn't think it was THAT big.
Me: Good grief...Ellie...can you hear me NOW?
Doctor: *giggling*
Me: No wonder I have to yell at her all the time.
Doctor: Well...I don't think she has an ear infection. How about a decongestant.

The weirdest things happen to my family.

For my sister sue

I think we may be approaching a year since I said I'd get you this. I can't remember when you asked for it...last holiday season...or back in March maybe. Either way...too long. Here it is...

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 3/4 cups whole wheat flour
1 3/4 cups packed brown sugar -- I think you could use a splenda blend
1/2 cup baking cocoa
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 egg whites
1 egg
2 cups unsweetened applesauce
1 3/4 cups fat free milk
2 tbsp olive oil
2 1/2 tsps vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups semi sweet choc chips

Combine the flours, sugar, cocoa, salt, baking powder and soda in a large bowl. In another bowl combine whites, egg, applesauce, milk, oil, and vanilla. Still into dry stuff until moistened. Fold in chips. Coat muffin cups with spray..fill 3/4 full...bake 350 for 18-20 minutes. :)

I really do love you. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nervous Breakdown...

I am having a nervous breakdown. least a nervous system breakdown. I visited a chiropractor today...who performed super cool scan things...that shows the conditions of your nerve activity in your spine. It tests 3 parts of the nerves. The parts that control your muscle movement, organ function, and the other escapes me at the moment. Anyway...each area is rated on a chart in color of damage.

White = normal
Yellow = weak function
Green = Milk damage
Blue = moderate damage
Red = Severe damage

I have a considerable amount of red showing up in my charts...but I also have some black parts. Black represents readings that are off the chart and means care for your spine is urgent and needs to be treated ASAP and even daily. There are two areas in my chart reading black...and a whole great big bunch of black too.

The specific nerve roots where I have the most damage have possible symptoms of...migraines and headaches (suffering from those), allergies and sinus problems (sneezy city over here), stiff neck (I haven't been able to adequately look over my shoulder in the car while driving for awhile), fatigue (I've been wondering what was wrong with me), and bum, bum, bummmmm...ASTHMA! No wonder I feel crappy. I have gone through a ridiculous amount of albuterol lately...and to really keep up with my Advair. And I've been feeling nervous about inhaling a steroid everyday.

My next appointment is on Monday...and this amazing chiropractor is really working with me and my insurance to get me treated without breaking the bank. I'm hoping for 10-12 sessions and then a new scan showing improvement.

I feel much better today after the treatments...though I also think my muscles are tired from being worked over. I can already turn my neck so much more.

I am feeling inspired to take better care of myself. Maybe...I'll go drink some water. Well...maybe after a coke. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

oodles of noodes

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby. Every once in a while she will ask me what I am up to ... if I have been busy...and seems a little skeptical when I tell her that "just" taking care of the girls is enough to keep me swamped. I let it slide though...because I know she has "those days" coming. :) And I totally mean that in the most "I'm so excited she is having a baby" kind of way. :)

Today...there was this huge crash. I THOUGHT my sweet innocent Ellie was in the bathroom...where mind you

...yesterday I found her painting her toe nail a delicious color of chocolate brown with real fingernail polish. It was alllll over the bathroom. My house still has a lingering odor of polish remover... Ellie there. I made the short dash to the kitchen to find her ankle deep in chicken noodle soup. I had stuck a lidless pot of the stuff in there after lunch hoping to use it again. Of course she dropped it right in front of the fridge...and well ... guess where the noodly gooeyness ran??? UNDER the fridge. I did my best to scoop out the noodles with a measuring stick...but really...Neal will get to move the fridge tonight.

Me: Oh, Ellie.
Ellie: *remember...she's 2* (Looking rather embarrassed) I didn't mean to ... and stuff.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

foggy windows

I am in love with fall...oh I know...everyone loves fall. It has great stuff. Leaves, football, cooler-weather, sweaters...but I love EVERYTHING about fall. And one puff of perfect cloud moment for me today was when I was cooking up a yummy turkey casserole and my kitchen window fogged all up because it was warmer inside my house that out. That was a delightful moment me. And it was such a moment so long in is November before it really got cold this year.

The girls and I ran next door to the grocery store to pick up some cheese and coke...(my life blood...cheese and coke) and it was really fun to watch Ellie jump to reach the holiday decorations...and the entryway was filled with things for holiday dinners. It almost made me want to eat a piece of pumpkin pie. Except I hate pumpkin...but it was a great ideal thought. :)

Smaller moments like these almost make up for the fact there hasn't been much change in the leaves this year. I heard some news bit about the trees didn't have enough moister and cooler weather to capture that certain color changing chemical in the leaves...sad stuff. But the Thanksgiving aisle at the grocery store was a balm for a broken heart.

I love fall.