Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gratituesday Meets the Thursday Thirteen

I am so thankful for my sister-in-laws. I grew up an only only only only child. And I always felt like I was missing out. I still do. But having 3 sister in laws is such a blessing that has made my life much fuller and much more fun. I am unbelievable grateful for each one...and each year they grow more and more precious to me.

So...13 reasons I love love love Sally.

1. She gave me the Little Major for a nephew.
2. She is so quick to forgive me I have a crazy moment.
3. She always injects fun and brightness into my life.
4. She has always supported me when something was hard to go through.
5. She fiercely loves my kids and well...that a choice. She doesn't have to...but she does and takes EVERY chance to show that to them. That is precious to me.
6. She is so talented at sending people cards and gifts. I'm jealous.
7. She usually can say just the right thing to affirm my parenting or lifestyle just when I need it most.
8. She makes amazing grilled chicken, toffee, and potatoes.
9. She made our relationship with The Kernel so much better.
10. She's a super amazing organizer.
11. She is so brave.
12. She is really just nice. Everyone knows it. And they all love to hang around.
13. She has always been very generous to me. With time, money, family...everything. (Once she filled up my gas tank to full just so I could visit home for a little bit. To full. At that time it was so rare to have a full tank I just sat there and watched the red hand thing move from E to F.)

13 reasons I love love love love Suezque:

1. She is so creative.
2. She is so so so so good for my brother in law. No one else could make him light up like her. That is precious to us.
3. She loves to play games and gave us the amazing gift of "Power Uno."
4. She also fiercely loves my kids...and doted on them even before it was all official.
5. She is so honest about her feelings and thoughts. I love that.
6. She is always willing to listen to me when I have a different point of view.
7. She is also forgiving when I do or say something stupid.
8. She looks out for me and watches my back. Its nice to have a ally.
9. She will go crazy black Friday shopping with me no matter how early I wanna go.
10. She is so loyal to her family.
11. She makes a really yummy green chili.
12. She loves cream cheese mints as much as me. We could both get sick on them.
13. She is also generous to me. Did you catch she's bringing me a digital camera??? Can you say BFF? :)

I don't talk about my sister in law Sapphire much. (I don't think I'm supposed to use her name...so I'll call her Sapphire. Saphy for short.) But mostly that's cause she lives far away and I don't get to see her as much...and she doesn't blog...but I love her FIERCELY and I miss her so much it hurts sometimes. Even Addy came out of school the other day and said "I miss Lizzy." (That's Saphy's daughter...also a fake name.) Saphy was the first sister in law I got to have. And I look up to her so much and enjoy each second I get to have with her. Enjoy isn't even a strong enough word...more like inhale and savor each moment. I wish they'd move closer...but I'm sure that's not in the cards. So I have to love her from far away. Sniffle.

13 Reasons I love love love love love Sapphire:

1. She is an AMAZING mom. I try to be a good mom like she is. She's so laid back and fun that you just know her kids get the full benefit of her love.
2. I love her laugh. And if you can get her started...you can't help but just giggle along too. (Think...marshmallow shooters).
3. She taught me its ok to eat cupcakes for breakfast on vacation. I love this.
4. She is extremely kind and gentle and you just LOVE her for it you know?
5. She's brave and strong and has gone through some really hard things that would make me whine and cry and she just...does it. (Like finding out she has food allergies and can't eat bread. OOOOOOH. That would kill me. Or having a miscarriage when she REALLY wanted that baby. Or having to be on bed rest when pregnant...or having a weird eye thing and can't lift her son. She's tough and amazing.)
6. She knows like a million and one silly and fun songs. (RWR helps with this too.)
7. She is so amazing to make a huge effort to come and visit us a couple times a year. That trip is just hard. I know its a pain...I've driven it.
8. She also FIERCELY loves my kids and does an amazing job of showing it. Addy even spent a week at her house last year. Alone.
9. She makes amazing homemade buns, flourless peanut butter cookies, and this amazing candy fudge thing we call Froggie Fudge.
10. She danced around the kitchen with me singing, "SILLY-DILLY-MIX!"
11. She let me bring alllll the girls in the youth group we were working with to her house once and even made breakfast. Amazing.
12. She made a gagillion pairs of flip flops with me once.
13. She just makes me want to be a better person and a better mom and try harder to be...nice. I just love her.

I love my family.


  1. You are so blessed with awesome sisters!!! I'm sure each of your sisters could make a big long list for you too, like: makes awesome pretzels..

  2. Wow- thank you & may I list a few about you!
    1.You FEIRCELY love your children- to the point of putting up with not-so-nice comments and behaviors of some to protect their spiritual future.
    2.You are so easy-going- and upbeat- and stick up for yourself. I only wish I could do that more. I tend to clam up when confronted with anything less than nice.
    3. You have a way of making everyone feel important to you- just by your words.
    4. You are sooo excited to go Black Firday shopping, how could anyone not want to be around that energy (and organization- I don't think I have ever been that organized shoppping- even when I go with a list!)
    5. I love how excited you were to Play Power uno- trying to loose on purpose just so you could write on a card! ;-) (I'll have to remeber to bring those with me- maybe we'll find time to play a few rounds)
    I am gonna leave it at just that many- though I could list soooo many more (way more than 13!)!
    I can only say I can't wait to have children so that their Aunt Jayme can spoil them and make them feel as special as she makes me feel to be related to her! :-)

  3. Awww, shucks...thanks! You are VERY special to me, too, and I really appreciate all the nice things you said about me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of you guys this summer since I'll be off work for a while.

    Love you!

  4. I grew up with only my little brother, so I never had any sisters either. Sisters-in-law are awesome!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these lists and am sitting here nodding and smiling and getting misty eyed while I read. All four of you are awesome, and I can't WAIT to see you in July!!!

  6. Okay I love your reasons, this was a very sweet blog! Now, has your camera arrived in the mail yet? I'm waiting to see more photos :-)

  7. aw this makes me wish my sister-in-law was nice.

    well, this and every family gathering.